Our Product- PowerAire


World’s first modular power system that has its own onboard cooling system, which provides 2 to 10 tons of cooling capacity.


4 to 8 tons of thermal energy for heating applications. Heat your home or business, plus your pool, laundry facility, and more.


Delivers uninterruptable power to your home or business- 2 to 3 times as efficiently as the power grid.

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PowerAire installed in Traverse City, Michigan home

A house near Traverse City, Michigan became the first house to add a PowerAire unit in the state of Michigan. […]

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If you are an Oklahoman, you know that our weather is unpredictable. It’s almost like the weather in our state […]

How PowerAire Saves You Money

The PowerAire unit is engineered to save customers 20-70% of the cost of using the central electric grid while providing […]

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